Ian Atienza epitomizes the versatile entrepreneur, business, and IT consultant, renowned for his unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier service. With a rich tapestry of experience spanning over 25 years across various industries, Ian has mastered the art of project management, IT solutions deployment, professional management, traditional and digital marketing, as well as marketing communications and media relations.

His journey commenced in 1998 starting as a software developer after taking up BS Computer Science in AMACC, evolving swiftly into roles as an analyst, web developer, web designer, and webmaster by year 2000, leading over 300 web projects. This hands-on technical experience laid a robust foundation for his future endeavors in entrepreneurship and consultancy.

A true technology visionary, Ian has co-founded eight startups, each a testament to his innovative spirit and strategic foresight. Presently, he serves as the Managing Director of EDL Digital Technologies Inc., a pioneering force within The EDL Group of Companies, dedicated to advancing AGRITECH solutions and revolutionizing agricultural technology.

In parallel, Ian assumes the role of IT Director at Digital Entertainment and Gaming International Inc., where his expertise contributes to driving innovation in the dynamic iGaming industry. As President of Panalo Express Ventures Inc., Ian leads the charge in shaping the future of FINTECH, leveraging his extensive experience to drive transformative growth and success.

Ian’s illustrious career includes notable leadership roles such as former Head of Digital at the Araneta Group of Companies, where he orchestrated digital strategies for esteemed brands like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Dairy Queen. He also held pivotal positions as former Head of Digital at Optima Digital and former Managing Director at Applabs Digital Studios Inc.

Ian also served as the Chief Technology Officer and CEO of Kinnetix, a subsidiary of Asia Pacific Systems, an ICT company, where he played a pivotal role in driving technological innovation and strategic development.

Prior to his corporate leadership roles and before transitioning into consultancy, Ian contributed his expertise as an IT Consultant at the National Computer Center and The Foreign Service Institute, Department of Foreign Affairs, demonstrating his commitment to advancing technology in both governmental and private sectors.

With an illustrious track record of excellence and an unwavering commitment to quality service delivery, Ian Atienza continues to be a driving force in the realms of entrepreneurship, business, and IT consultancy, shaping industries and exceeding expectations at every turn.